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Amazon To Launch Their Own 4K TV

Did you think Amazon would stop there?

With over 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers, the e-commerce giant is now banking on the very competitive market of connected TV sets.

This appears to be a logical move, as the number of Amazon Prime Video subscribers has been increasingly growing, with over 7 million active users.

Benefiting from Amazon Prime on your TV is great, but it’s even better with an actual Amazon TV set!

Media consumption has been booming since the Covid-19 outbreak. Indeed, the entire world was confined for quite some time. Most people spent lockdowns watching movies and series online.

According to a poll conducted in France, 42% of respondents between the age of 18 and 55 watched more television than usual during this period.

In the US, sales have already grown by 7.4 % in 2020

World sales skyrocketed and reached 225.4 million units sold in 2020.

What about Amazon?

The web behemoth will announce the launch of their connected TV sets boasting their vocal assistant, Alexa.

Controlling the closing of shutters or the intensity of the lights remotely is now a dream come true for tech lovers.

Sure, but how much does it cost?

Amazon will soon release two product lines in the US: the “Omni” starting from $409.99, and the “4-Series” with a $369.99 base price.

Both lines feature large 4K screens from 43” up to 75”.

Why does Amazon gamble on this market?

Amazon has recently expressed its will to create its televisions to take better advantage of their Fire TV software. Not only will these new TV sets make access to streaming and Alexa easier, but they will also allow users to connect their TV to their homes.

Conclusion :

We are now waiting for more news to report the future figures on sales for Amazon televisions. French people will have to be patient, as Amazon has yet to announce prices and launch dates for the French market.

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Sarah Sekrane

Digital Marketing Manager

Oct 13, 2021

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