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E-commerce and, all the more so, Amazon are exciting fields that require in-depth expertise to be analyzed with accuracy. We gladly bring ours to the media and journalists who want it!


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Get clear and reliable information

Amazon and e-commerce news is going fast! What was true yesterday is probably no longer true today. We decrypt it daily and are constantly updated on the latest news from the world of online sales. We are ideal for providing and helping you analyze burning information!

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The point of view of a certified expert ...

Some areas require extensive expertise to understand the ins and outs. It is our core business, our expertise is recognized and we are constantly sharpening it. We can help you decode the most advanced subjects.

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... and objective information on the importance of e-commerce

Today, it is inconceivable to think of retail and e-commerce as two worlds apart. They complement each other more than ever and this synergy is growing every day. We have access to figures and hundreds of examples illustrating this new world of consumption.

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All the resources you need to talk about us, Amazon or both! Do not hesitate to join us, we will be happy to answer your questions.