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Get started with Kickstarter, our incubator of potential

Get an overview of the impact that Amazon can have on your marks. We put in place all the levers to introduce you to Amazon and start your sales in the best conditions.

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6 months to reveal the potential of your brands

Integrate your products, test your brand on Amazon marketplaces ... and discover its full potential!

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Accelerate and optimize your launch on amazon

Choose from 3 levels of follow-up and get started in the best way, quickly and efficiently.

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An expert exclusively at your service

All the know-how of one of our experts dedicated to launching your brand on Amazon.

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A service tailored to your Seller accounts

During the six months of support, we put in place all the actions necessary to propel your brands. We set up and integrate your brands and your offer. The objective: within the given time frame and from scratch, we make you exist on Amazon.

Bizon Expert

An expert 100% dedicated to your takeoff

We dedicate an Account Manager specializing in brand launch on Amazon for the operational management of your account. He is your exclusive point of contact for your shipments and the gateway between Amazon and you.

They trust us

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

Sean Goodwin

Chief Executive

Our clients recommend us

We had a poorly performing Amazon account, which Bizon helped improve through their advertising expertise. They are now assisting us with launching in another market and optimising our listings. . Bizon's expertise has meant we saved time and money by being more efficient in the work we do on Amazon. They have shown what results can be achieved and that is allowing us to make plans for future growth.

Je trouve la meilleure stratégie sur Amazon

Let us audit your presence on Amazon and take off your brands!