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Amazon is an unparalleled lever for development. What if we gave everyone the means to exploit it? Learn more about our history.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make Amazon accessible to any business. We believe that every brand has a stake in being on Amazon. Different brands have different challenges, and we are here to provide the best solutions for each.


Bizon is created in April 2017 by Guillaume Rigallaud. He draws a conclusion from his own experiences on the Marketplace: at a time when the American giant is pre-empting global trade, it is now complex to create or transpose its brand on Amazon. It seemed obvious that a player had to appear on the market to accompany the brands in their conquest of the Amazon universe! Bizon was launched to address this issue.

Guillaume is joined in this adventure by Nicolas Habert, Cédric Oberto and Bertrand Marron, current COO, sales director and CTO of the startup. Each of them is an expert in their own way in e-commerce issues. Together they create, develop and perfect what makes the Bizon offer complete and unique today.

Three years after its creation, Bizon is the n°1 agency 100% dedicated to Amazon in France.

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To make the optimal accessible

On a daily basis, we optimize our customers' accounts to make them ultra-performing, regardless of their brands or products and no matter where they start from.

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Rethinking the link between companies and Amazon

From the creation of product sheets to their distribution, we make it easy for brands to do business with Amazon. We're your single point of contact for increased efficiency and simplified reporting with the Amazon platform.

The founders & directors

Visionaries and tribal leaders!

Guillaume Rigallaud


Cédric Oberto

Head of Sales

Nicolas Habert


Bertrand Marron



They gave Bizon the resources to take off.

Alexis Chalal


Louis Prunel


Martin Comar


Nathan Londadjim


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