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Amazon Vendor vs Seller: what fits your brand best?

About this event

Your business already has a presence on Amazon, but wants to switch between the two models?

Since there's no “One size fits all“ solution on Amazon, to boost your sales quickly on Amazon's Marketplaces, one of the hardest parts is to know which core model to adopt for your brand

Meet Mathieu Laurant, Amazon Expert, and Louise Le Port, strategic planner. In this webinar, they give out some tips to choose between two core models, Vendor Central and Seller Central, for brands selling on the Amazon platform.

It is also possible to adopt a hybrid model, and we'll talk more about this with a compelling use case.

Jan 20, 2022, 05:00 PM GMT+1

60 minutes

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Our speakers

Mathieu Laurant

International Team Lead

Louise Le Port

E-commerce Consultant

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