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How to launch your Amazon SEO strategy and yield results in only six months?

About this event

Amazon is a search engine, just like Google. And just like Google, consumers on Amazon mostly click on the top results. According to a 2019 study by Feedvisor, 45% of Amazon consumers do not get to the second page of product search results.

Unlike Google, Amazon is an e-commerce site; its primary purpose is to boost sales. Amazon categorizes products to make as many sales as possible quickly and efficiently. Your final placement depends on the relevance of your content and your sales performance.

A keyword can have hundreds of thousands of queries per month and compete with thousands of active sellers on Amazon. With the proper SEO strategy, you can get started on Amazon and maximize sales quickly while differentiating your products from the mass consumer referrals.

Join us in this webinar as Mathieu, International Business Manager, and Megan, Amazon SEO expert, share insightful tips and actionable tricks to help you to:

  • Define an effective Amazon SEO strategy

  • Launch this strategy and get results in 6 months

  • Export this model/strategy worldwide

  • Put into practice with two impactful uses cases

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Our speakers

Megan Shope

Brand Manager

Mathieu Laurant

International Team Lead

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