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We distribute your products on all Marketplaces

Bizon Distribution opens you the doors to all European, Northern American and Asian B2C markets. France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States and Singapour.

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An expert dedicated to your expeditions

Your exclusive contact at Bizon is the link between Amazon and you. He takes care of your daily shipments.

Focus on European Marketplaces

6 marketplaces for your brands

Take control of the B2C distribution channel by having the same contact for all European markets.

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Discover the full potential of your products

Your brands may have a strength that you ignore in some markets. Discover it.

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An expert entirely dedicated to your brands

We dedicate an Account Manager to the operational management of your account. He is your exclusive point of contact for your shipments and the gateway between Amazon and you.

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A window to the world

Deliver to the all marketplaces according to your needs, the markets in which you are already present and those you want to conquer.

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The express sale of your products

Bizon is responsible for selling your products all over the world for you. Decide where to distribute your products, we will do it under the best conditions and as quickly as possible.

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100% Pure New Zealand Honey

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

We had a poorly performing Amazon account, which Bizon helped improve through their advertising expertise. They are now assisting us with launching in another market and optimising our listings. . Bizon's expertise has meant we saved time and money by being more efficient in the work we do on Amazon. They have shown what results can be achieved and that is allowing us to make plans for future growth.

Sean Goodwin

Sean Goodwin

Chief Executive



We worked with Bizon on a development project on I called on the various services of the Bizon agency in particular the Consulting division to work on the Advertising part. Conclusion: A comprehensive audit was provided to us, effectively targeting priority areas for improvement to be implemented to achieve our objectives. I appreciated the know-how and know-how of the Consulting team. Special note on the personalized support I was able to benefit from.

Rachel Miloudi

Rachel Miloudi

Marketplaces Animation Manager

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Let's distribute my brands all around the globe on Amazon

As many possibilities as there are marketplaces: treat yourself to Europe, the US and more.

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