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We're Bizon, nice to meet you!

We believe that the future of e-commerce will be on Amazon Marketplaces. On a day-to-day basis, our teams are in charge of propelling you and accompanying you to your goals. Shall we introduce them to you?

The founders & directors

Visionaries and tribal leaders!

Guillaume Rigallaud


Cédric Oberto

Head of Sales

Nicolas Habert


Bertrand Marron


Bizon Team

Those who make Bizon live

Akim Mekaoui

Catalog Project Manager

Arnaud Jarrot

Account Manager

Axel Bassa

Art Director

Bilal Msaaf

Traffic Manager

Carole Ohayon

Administrative Manager

Caroline Barbé


Charlotte Uttscheid

Brand Manager Assistant

Charlotte Zapata

Office & Happiness Manager

Chrys François

E-commerce project manager

Cindy Guimaraes

E-commerce project manager

Clément Ducrey

E-commerce consultant

Donnea Malulu

Sales Development Representative

Dyhia Kaci

Catalog Integration Project Management Officer

Enzo Pasquini

Human Resources Manager

Eva Leleu

E-commerce Consultant

Fanny Arroyo

E-commerce Consultant

Florian Delpiano

Head of Distribution

Hông Phi Quach Hong

E-commerce project manager

Iman Siraj

E-commerce Consultant

Jade Pacini

Graphic designer

Jenny Andrianarisoa

Business Developer

Khaled Ouaksel

Account Manager

Laëtitia Charron

Communication and Graphic Designer

Laura Boulmot

Business Developer

Léa Melendugno

Customer Success Manager


Chief Happiness Officer

Lomeko Diarrassouba

Traffic Manager

Louise Le Port

E-commerce Consultant

Mareme Ndiaye

Assistant COO

Mathieu Laurant

International Team Lead

Mathilde Coursimault

Editorial and SEO Project Manager

Megan Shope

Brand Manager

Myriam Mellouk

Controlling Assistant

Naomie Anferte

Traffic Manager

Nathan Candelier

Administrative and Financial Manager

Nicolas Alzeari

Account Manager

Riana Andriamaharo

Assistant Head Of Sales

Thibaut Triki

Head of Strategy

Thi Cam Van Ho


Thomas Drouhet

Business Developer

Thomas Gueguen

Product Manager

Valentin Bassan

Academy Project Manager

William Servel

Distribution Project Manager


They gave Bizon the resources to take off

Alexis Chalal


Louis Prunel


Martin Comar


Nathan Londadjim


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