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5 Amazon conversion examples using Enhanced Brand Content

April 19, 2019

Gone are the days when Amazon sellers lacked the tools to build brand awareness and promote customer loyalty. Today, features such as Enhanced Brand Content (or EBC) offer registered brand sellers a unique opportunity to differentiate their brand and products from their competitors using “rich media” formats in their product description field.

Thanks to its functionality to boost the visibility of product sheets on Amazon, the Enhanced Brand Content is a valuable tool for sellers on the platform.

At Bizon, our brand performance experts on Amazon who use EBC every day confirm it: EBC is a real asset for e-merchants on Amazon.

Want to understand how this lever can be useful for boosting sales on Amazon? Bizon explains everything in the rest of this article.

Enhanced Brand Content is rapidly moving from a trendy Amazon feature to a brand content tool essential for market success.

These creative features not only help improve the aesthetics of brands in the market, but they also offer new possibilities to generate traffic to the entire catalog of a brand and increase conversion rates.

If you want to present product specific features or technologies to potential customers, EBC is the tool you should invest your marketing budget into.

At Bizon, as professionals in optimizing the performance of e-merchants, we regularly use the advantages Enhanced Brand Content to increase our customers’ sales on Amazon.

First, what is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

The Enhanced Brand Content feature is available to sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon's trademark registration process. Once approved as brand owners, sellers will be allowed to add EBC to ASINs in their approved brand catalog. However, they will not be able to add content to ASINs that are not part of their brand.

One of the immediate effects of the implementation of EBC on 3P e-merchants on Amazon is the increased conversion rates of paid advertising. EBC allows sellers to value key arguments specific to their products.

In addition, they will also have the opportunity to stand out from their competitors, in particular through storytelling told in the fields of Enhanced Brand Content. They will be able to transform more advertising clicks into conversions, which will effectively increase the ROAS of their advertising expenses and reduce the ACOS. The ability to maximize return on investment through Enhanced Brand Content is a real advantage for 3P brands.

In addition, with new program updates, including the EBC Video Beta and new EBC modules, Amazon is making creative offers more attractive to sellers than ever.

The best examples of leveraging Amazon Brand Content

Looking for inspiration? Discover 5 (American) examples of good practice with EBC:


Let's start with WHOOSH, a brand that is reinventing the hygiene market with technological products for tablets, smartphones, remote controls, etc.

WHOOSH embarked on Enhanced Brand Content in March 2017 to implement profitable advertising campaigns on Amazon and optimize certain ASIN with the new Amazon Creative.

WHOOSH has modified its product description fields and generated personalized creations. In particular, they integrated their brand history, the addition of improved images and text placements. EBC also allowed WHOOSH to gain additional space in their detail pages to answer customer questions and provide relevant product information. This notably generated an increase in the conversion rate and a better buying experience for their customers. As a result, just 30 days after implementing EBC on ASIN, the conversion rate for retail pages increased by 427%.

2. Bioganix

Bioganix is a food supplement distributor who wanted to differentiate his brand into one of the most competitive categories on the market. According to an interview with Abis Hussain, the marketing manager of Relevium Technologies Inc., responsible for the creation of an Amazon store, the implementation of Enhanced Brand Content was essential to Bioganix’s success in the market. Only 27 days after implementing EBC, Bioganix saw its conversion rate detail pages increase by 170%.

3. Verilux

Manufactured for over 35 years, Verilux luminaires imitate daylight by providing a full spectrum of light without harmful UV rays. The brand has worked on the EBC, notably in terms of graphics, detailing their performance in order to inform visitors of the unique advantages of their light therapy technology. Thirty days after the implementation of the EBC, Verilux noticed a 17% increase in the conversion rate of the detail pages.

4. Pop-A-Shot

Pop-A-Shot literally invented the arcade basketball game. It all started in 1981 with Ken Cochran, a longtime college basketball coach and former Olympic baseball champion. The brand was then sold to Tony Stucker and introduced to the Amazon market in 2016. In the hope of capitalizing on 4th quarter traffic, Pop-A-Shot launched into Enhanced Brand Content to improve its advertising and creative strategy on the market. Just 30 days after implementing EBC, Pop-A-Shot recorded a 53% increase in conversion rate for its detail pages.

5. Touchstone

Touchstone Home Products, Inc., the industry leader in household fireplaces since 2005, also implemented EBC. In just 30 days after launching the EBC on their product listings, Touchstone recorded a 32% increase in the conversion rate of the detail pages.

Finally, through these different examples, you have discovered the potential of the Enhanced Brand Content and perhaps wish to know more about this tool? Wondering how you can set it up for your e-commerce on Amazon and how to get the most out of it?

Remember to contact the Bizon team! Our experts specialized in optimizing your performance on Amazon, and in exploiting the EBC, they are at your disposal to provide you with the best advice and tailor-made support.

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