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5 steps to improve your SEO on Amazon

In this jungle of more than 5 million sellers present on Amazon, it is necessary for you to improve your referencing on Amazon by distinguishing your products from those of your competitors, in search results.

Optimizing your SEO on Amazon will allow you to distinguish yourself from your rivals and maximize your sales in order to obtain a better profit.

To support you in a ** significant progression ** of your Amazon store, Bizon, the agency 100% dedicated to performance on Amazon , gives you a few key steps to stand out with better Amazon SEO.

Step 1: Analyze your market

The first essential step to improving your SEO on Amazon is without a doubt analyzing your competitors. Nothing could be more effective, in order to optimize your product sheets in a second step and refine your Amazon referencing strategy.

Research your competitors on Amazon and compare their titles, images, bullets points, reviews and reviews of their products to yours.

Take inspiration from good practices and take advantage of the weaknesses of your competitors to offer more positive points.

Example: if many critics of a product page from your competitors refer to a too short warranty for a product that you also sell, take the opportunity to offer a longer one.

This first step will allow you to define a strategy to improve your referencing on Amazon.

Step 2: Optimize your product sheets

The product sheets alone combine the function of showcase and salesperson. Their presentation is essential to make the buyer want to add your product to his basket. They must be ** clear, impactful and effective ** so that the user has identified in a few minutes the advantages and functionalities of your article.

  • Product Visuals: Your product visuals must meet Amazon's image requirements. Pay attention to the quality of the pictures you present as well as their readability for users. Do not forget that they must give the best precision as to the appearance of the product, and be consistent in terms of its situation.
  • Title: follow the format recommended by Amazon, target your most impacting keywords and do not exceed the 200 character limit.
  • Bullet points: highlight the strengths of your product with the most relevant keywords. The 5 arguments must be ** simple, concise and precise **, make you want to buy, and reassure the potential customer. Please note, the limit of each bullet point is 200 characters maximum.
  • Product evaluations: analyze the reviews of your products in order to understand the negative opinions to improve your offer. Amazon customers are very sensitive to comments that heavily influence them in their purchasing decisions. Be careful!

Do not neglect this crucial step for improving your SEO on Amazon!

Step 3: Optimize your product description

Description of Amazon product sheets is a great way to boost your Amazon SEO. With a freedom of 2000 characters, you can add a maximum of targeted keywords, talk about the usefulness of your product and offer examples of use. You can also take the opportunity to reassure about your brand, its provenance, its values, its quality…

Do not hesitate to format your text with bold or italic paragraphs to accentuate a particular argument.

If the bullets points are very limited in terms of characters and only allow to contain a few keywords, descriptions may allow you to use more targeted words, which will only be beneficial for your referencing Amazon.

Step 4: Increase your product reviews

Amazon prohibits sellers from soliciting buyers to collect reviews on their products in exchange for benefits (such as a promotion or discount), but there are several ways you can circumvent this prohibition:

  • Flyers in the sending of your packages which encourage buyers to leave you an opinion on your products. You can for example offer them to post a photo on Amazon with your product in situation.
  • An email sent to your buyers confirming the shipment of their order. Once the product is received, you can take advantage of this exchange to invite them to give their opinion on the item and share their user experience.
  • The Amazon Vine program: wholesale suppliers also have access to this program, which allows them to win product reviews. Influencers who have written as many Amazon reviews as possible will be sent your product for feedback.

Verified and positive reviews increase the visibility of your products in search results. This step is therefore essential to improve your SEO on Amazon.

Step 5: Classify and sub-categorize your product

When shopping on Amazon, filters allow buyers to target the products that best meet their expectations. Carefully select your subcategories by going from the widest to the most detailed, to prevent your product from being invisible on a filter that corresponds to it.

The product classifier is a tool offered by Amazon which will allow you to select the classifications of your products and download the file containing the values necessary to best classify your offers.

This last point, often overlooked by users because it is relatively complex, is a key step in improving your SEO on Amazon.

The purpose of these 5 steps is to roughly show you the way Amazon works and to give you some tips to better differentiate yourself from other sellers in order to sell more effectively.

We are aware at Bizon, that you need the necessary resources within your company to succeed in carrying out this substantive work, and this is not is not always easy. Also, we offer a turnkey service based on a team of experts 100% dedicated to Amazon who can assist you in improving your SEO and increasing a significant performance on Amazon.

Trust us and this e-commerce platform will soon have no secrets for you. Create a win-win partnership now and sustainably increase your performance on Amazon!

Guillaume Rigallaud


May 7, 2019

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