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Amazon Brand Profile: Users can now follow your brand

In a world where online consumption habits are changing dramatically, the market is constantly evolving to meet users' expectations. Amazon understands this, and offers more and more innovative and immersive features to allow sellers to highlight their brand, and therefore, boost their sales on the platform.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to the new Amazon Advertising feature to strengthen your brand presence on the marketplace: the Amazon Brand Profile

What is the Brand Profile?

Complementary to Amazon Post, the Amazon Brand Profile is part of a new e-commerce approach, consisting in increasing your presence on the marketplace by inviting consumers into your universe, making them interact with your brand so that they can project themselves more and create a stronger link with you.

Just like social networks, this feature seems to be a step forward towards a marketing dynamic where the community feeling will be at the center of the user experience.

This free and innovative feature, available on the Amazon Ads console, allows consumers to follow your brand, like a Facebook or Linkedin page. Amazon Brand Profile will allow you to set up specific information to highlight about your brand, such as a logo, written and visual content. Its real added value is to give users the keys to engage with you. This represents a real opportunity to interact in a privileged way with a very targeted audience, who will then be able to keep up to date with your news and be notified of your exclusive offers.

Once the Brand Profile is created, it will be integrated into your Amazon content, appearing in various places on the platform. It will be used in the Activity Feed, as well as on product pages, for example.

For the moment, the Brand Profile is only available in the United States, as it is linked to Amazon Post, but it is expected to enter the European market by 2024.

How to set up a Brand Profile? 

Creating a Brand Profile couldn't be easier! Accessible on the advertising console, this feature only takes a few clicks to set up.

All you have to do is fill in the following information in the form provided for this purpose:

  1. The brand name: the name with which you are registered in the Amazon brand registry.

  2. The brand logo, which must be the registered logo of your brand, uploaded to match the circle format that will be visible on the platform. Your logo must fill the entire image or appear on a white or transparent background.

  3. The brand color: here, you must fill in a single color representative of your brand and your world.

  4. The brand slogan: this must be the official slogan of your brand.

  5. The brand description: a longer text to explain to buyers why your brand is unique, how it stands out from the competition.

  6. A "featured" brand image: in other words, an attractive "lifestyle" image that highlights your brand, featuring a product for example. The image should be aesthetically pleasing and in high resolution.

Towards a new way of selling on Amazon?

As you can see, the Brand Profile, coupled with all the other new features being developed by the e-commerce giant, marks a real change in the way it approaches its marketing strategy. It's no longer about simply selling products on Amazon, but about offering a brand experience, a universe, a story, a link with the customer.

Similar to a social network interface, the marketplace is gradually implementing a new way of selling your products online, which it is to your advantage to follow to maximize your sales on the marketplace.

Brand Profile is therefore an additional tool in this experiential and community approach to increase your visibility on Amazon by building a coherent, identifiable and engaging presence for the user.

Ultimately, the Amazon Brand Profile is part of a major creative commerce revolution in the online retail industry, pushing you to rethink your e-merchandising and retail media plan to meet the new consumer habits of users.

Become familiar today with what will happen tomorrow on the European market to understand and apply the best strategies to promote your brand on Amazon!

Mathilde Coursimault

Editorial and SEO Project Manager

Apr 17, 2023

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