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Amazon conquers Egypt : a gateway to expand on the African continent

September 20, 2021

Amazon was launched on September 1, 2021 in Egypt thanks to the replacement of the store bought in 2017 by Amazon for a total of 580 million dollars allowing the American leader to switch from the identity of to Amazon and to expand on the African continent.

But that's not all, on August 31, Amazon, the leader in e-commerce in the world, which has a turnover of 108 billion dollars for the first quarter of 2021, continues its expansion and inaugurates one of the largest logistics centers in the Middle East and the African continent, in Ramadan, Egypt. A ceremony highly anticipated by the Egyptian Prime Minister : Mostafa Madbouly and his Minister of Telecommunications Amr Talaat.

An offer that meets a new and growing demand

The transformation of Egyptians consumption habits : post COVID 19

The consumption habits of Egyptians have changed significantly since the COVID-19, consumers are ordering more and more online for small or large purchases.

The giant Amazon wants to capitalize on this new transformation by helping the country's businesses to boost their sales. The new infrastructure would allow a fast and optimized delivery to meet the high demand of Egyptian users.

Amazon Advertising, a tool offered by Amazon to Egyptian online merchants

Sellers who are present in the marketplace will have the opportunity to increase the visibility of their products through Amazon's various advertising formats as well as the possibility to create ongoing promotions throughout the year such as:

  • Coupons

  • Barred prices

  • Flash sales…

Coming back to Amazon Ads, this choice to offer this kind of tool to Egyptian sellers is part of a continuous digital transformation.

The Egyptian companies will be able to increase the traffic on the highlighted products, but also to analyze the users and the potential buyers who would come to visit the product sheets.

To know everything about Amazon advertising, I invite you to consult our articles on the subject in our blog section.

An expansion towards the development of multiple services

Amazon intends to help Egypt in the development of its public transport and goods service, we can think of its Amazon Flex program that is already present in several countries.

In an effort to optimize deliveries, this program allows markets already benefiting from the Amazon Flex program to encourage employees to pick up packages located near their homes or nearby warehouses and deliver them to customers on time.

An additional income that is not negligible.

Amazon also has other ambitions for Egypt such as the development of artificial intelligence and digital payment…

In conclusion

Amazon is a real support for this developing country with a population of 106 million inhabitants in 2021, including a massive increase in a young population that is transforming the criteria of consumption and probably leading the country to a new era, that of the digitalization of services.

Sarah Sekrane

Digital Marketing Manager

Publicis Groupe
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