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Amazon expands its B2B offer with Business Prime: let's talk about it

December 2, 2019

With Business Prime, Amazon is once again looking to its professional customers and strengthening its position as a must.

It is no longer necessary to recall the impact that Amazon has on the world of online sales. When asked “when was the last time you bought from Amazon?” You would probably say “a few days ago”!

What needs to be remembered, however, is the impact that Amazon has on the world of professional purchasing and corporate supply. According to a DigitalCommerce survey, 72% of B2B buyers surveyed prefer the Amazon Marketplace in comparison to the others. This testifies to the fact that, on the one hand, Amazon is ahead of its competitors, including in the B2B market. On the other hand, that this segment carries a slightly less visible but nevertheless enormous potential.

On the occasion of the launch of its Prime extension, Bizon, an Amazon specialized agency, invites you to come back to the features and advantages of Amazon Business.

Amazon Business, a basic package that calms your accountant

Launched in February 2018, Amazon Business starts with an observation: it should be as easy to order for your business as it is for your home. Whether in terms of delivery time, ergonomics, accounting declaration, or simply choice, the B2B-oriented offer was previously narrow, poorly developed and unsatisfactory. With Business, Amazon offers companies the same level of requirements as that of its classic offer.

Among its functions are:

  • A choice among more than 250 million products, which can be filtered in the form of a catalog

  • User management to group your employees and manage their rights

  • Payment facilities adapted to the professional world such as 30-day payment, allowing you to manage Amazon like any other supplier

  • Delivery within 1 working day on FBA products, shipped by Amazon, from 25€ of purchase

  • Prices similar to the B2C site displayed in HT

  • Systematically available invoices, automatically, as well as the possibility of blocking orders that do not offer VAT invoices.

The arrival of Business Prime

The extension of the Amazon offering acts as a logical continuation. It was inevitable, with a starting premise to propose a professional side solution as practical as that of B2C, that Amazon traced its Prime model there.

As with the general public, it is possible to extend your Amazon experience by adding additional features and services for an annual subscription. The price of this subscription varies depending on the number of users attached to Prime services: it ranges from €50 excl. Tax for a maximum of three users to €3,500 excl. Tax annually when this number exceeds one hundred.

Here, Amazon is playing the profitability card. Prime features are designed to save time, avoid unwanted spending, and ultimately, make money. Among others, we note:

  • Advantages linked to delivery: where on Amazon Business side there was a minimum purchase threshold, Prime allows free express shipping on FBA products or from specific Marketplace suppliers for next day or even day delivery, in depending on the delivery address and the reference concerned. On products not eligible for this type of deadline, delivery is made at a reduced price and / or free of charge. If, like Bizon, you are an agency or company that sometimes has to compose in an emergency, these features are welcome.

  • Advantages linked to the purchases themselves: Prime Business allows the creation of purchasing guides. In short, to offer a precise selection of products to the members of the company and to define the purchasing rules. Similarly, Amazon guarantees access to traditional Prime discounts to its premium Business members (among others, flash sales and Prime Days).

In short

Everything is designed in such a way that Prime subscribing companies can take a close look at their areas of supply spending, benefiting from the passage of new services and support that is still beyond what it was.

The difference with the basic offer is made in this proposal of even more detailed and millimeter control of cash outflows in terms of supply.

At Bizon, we have used Business since its launch. It is clear that in terms of office purchases, it is a small revolution that Prime is supporting: many of our customers are preparing for the future by aligning their offer with Business and our experts believe that this trend will be even more sustained. in the future.

What does it mean to exit such a B2B offer at Amazon

1. That Amazon will be increasingly essential, including in B2B.

Prime Business is a way for Amazon to rethink traditional office supply. Prime builds on what Amazon Business had already undertaken, making Jeff Bezos’ business essential, leveraging its unrivaled strike force and distribution network.

As a seller, depriving yourself of Amazon is already doing without a powerful development lever, and this regardless of the size of your business, since Amazon is the leader in the majority of e-commerce segments according to FEVAD.

Our experts like to remind you, whether through the lines of this blog or in supporting our customers: Amazon is today as much a media, a showcase for products as a marketplace. But with Business and its new Prime extension, the game changes again! By entering through the front door on the B2B supply market with, in 2018, $10 billion in business volume, Amazon will potentially allow its sellers to trade and supply on the same platform. You still thought you could do without it?

2. Let Jeff Bezos multiply the gestures towards his professional audience.

The new availability of Amazon’s Prime offer for B2B is materializing this. A little earlier this fall, Amazon was already receiving an audience of specialists at an event soberly titled Amazon Business Exchange. The event was punctuated by conferences, the purpose of which was, in particular, the evolution in terms of purchasing professions in companies.

A few weeks later… Business Prime was born. What this means according to Bizon, is that Amazon has understood all the interest they had in caring for their professional audience and that this series of novelties being dedicated to them most likely announces others in the future.

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