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Do like Colgate and build customer loyalty on Amazon!

July 11, 2023

Do you have a branded store on Amazon that complies with best practices? If so, you've already taken an important step towards success on the marketplace! Now it's time to start optimizing it to reach new heights. In this article, we'll present you with two simple but effective tips for boosting your brand's growth on Amazon.

Promote Subscribe & Save to build customer loyalty

Take a cue from Colgate, a well-known brand that has successfully used the Subscribe & Save program to build customer loyalty on Amazon. If you are also eligible for this program, you can benefit from it and improve the relationship with your customers.

By featuring Subscribe & Save in your store, you can offer your customers several attractive benefits:

  • Reduced rates: By taking out a regular subscription, your customers will benefit from advantageous rates, which may encourage them to buy more from you.

  • Free delivery: Subscribe & Save members can enjoy free delivery on eligible products, another powerful incentive to build loyalty.

  • Recurring and automatic orders: By offering scheduled orders, you make life easier for your customers, enabling them to receive your products regularly without having to think about it. This encourages long-term loyalty.

This feature is easily accessible from your store via the Subscribe tab. Optimizing it allows you to maintain consistency with your brand image and make the Subscribe & Save option clear and transparent to your store visitors.

Drive traffic to your Amazon Store

Sponsored Brands is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your branded store on Amazon. By linking your advertising campaigns to your store, you can benefit from a 17%* higher return on advertising investment (ROAS) than by redirecting to a simple product listing page.

By directing your customers directly to your store rather than to a list of products, you can offer a more immersive and personalized brand experience. This builds customer trust in your company and increases the chances of conversion.

By directing traffic to your store, you can also better control your brand image and highlight your flagship products. It's a valuable opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition and attract the attention of potential customers.

*Amazon internal statistics, 2018

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