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Having a hard time keeping your product listings live at all time?

July 3, 2023

Are you familiar with overwritten variations, text content on your product sheets that disappears or changes for no reason, sales authorization requests, Amazon issues related to product compliance and EAN exemption requests? Having worked with many brands, we have acquired unrivalled Amazon expertise in these areas.

Indeed, Amazon products listing issues can be a real headache for online sellers. Not only can they disable your offers on online platforms, they can also have a negative impact on your overall performance.

What can trigger Amazon to block your product listings?

When you sell on Amazon, it's possible to encounter a multitude of types of problems that can affect the visibility and availability of your products. Here are the main types of catalog issues you may encounter:

  • Incorrect variation: This occurs when updates or conflicts occur in relation to other marketplaces. For example, if you sell the same product on different marketplaces and variations (such as size, color, etc.) don't match between the different listings, this can result in a variation issue.

  • Content that doesn't display or changes: This type of issues concerns problems with the editorial and/or visual content of your ads. This may involve missing information or conflicts with resellers.

  • Product compliance: Certain products must comply with specific standards before they can be sold on Amazon, otherwise they will be referred as inactive.

  • Requesting authorization to sell: Some products or product categories on Amazon require special authorization before they can be sold.

  • Product ID exemption request: Product identification codes, such as EAN codes, are generally required to list products on Amazon. However, in special cases, you can request a product ID exemption and use custom codes.

Understanding and effectively resolving the different types of catalog blocks on Amazon is essential to preserve the visibility of your products and avoid a drop in sales. Unresolved issues can have a negative impact on your brand reputation and compromise your success on the platform.

The impact of these issues on your Amazon performance

The consequences of these issues on your performance can have a major impact on your online business. When your products are blocked or not visible to buyers, this leads to a significant reduction in your brand's visibility and a decrease in sales opportunities on the marketplace.

First of all, catalog issues can lead to a drop in the visibility of your products on Amazon. When your listings aren't shown or aren't properly referenced, they won't be presented to buyers when they search, limiting your exposure. As a result, the number of views and clicks on your products will be reduced, resulting in a lower chance of conversion on your Amazon product listings.

What's more, unresolved issues can damage your brand's reputation. When missing information, incorrect descriptions or compliance issues persist, it can give potential customers the impression that your brand is unreliable or cannot provide quality products. This can lead to a loss of trust on the part of buyers, who may choose to turn to competitors whose product sheet content is complete, accurate and compliant.

It's therefore crucial to resolve these catalog issues quickly and effectively, in order to preserve the visibility of your products, maintain customer confidence and maximize your performance on Amazon. By taking steps to resolve these issues, you can improve your brand's visibility, increase the chances of conversion and strengthen your competitive position on the platform.

Léa Melendugno

Customer Success Manager

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