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The ultimate checklist for Amazon Promotional Days in 2020

October 22, 2020

Black Friday, Prime Days 2020… You'll know everything.

The end of the year is one of the most important period on Amazon. It is the one that concentrates a colossal and growing share of sales year after year... and it is also a unique opportunity for brands to give their products a whole new dimension in terms of sales volumes.

During Cyber 5 2018, Adobe Analytics estimates that over the 5 promotional days at the end of November, more than 25 billion dollars were spent on the Internet. When you know that Amazon's market share in the United States is approximately 40% on the e-commerce segment, it leaves one dreaming. The Prime Days are far from being outdone, far from it. According to Amazon, more than 175 million items were sold on the marketplace on this single day in 2019.

We have already looked in detail at Black Friday in the lines of this blog, with a numerical and analytical look. Let's now get down to business, we're going to reveal a secret: the recipe that allows Bizon customers to perform on Amazon every year.

The key 2020 end dates you need to know

First of all, let's take a look at the year-end calendar 2020 on Amazon. We won't surprise you by saying that it's been somewhat shaken by the international health crisis… so it can be a little tricky to see it clearly, so here's a summary of the dates and periods that Amazon has publicly communicated.

The deadlines to keep in mind

  • October 9: deadline for submitting "best offers" and "flash sales" to Amazon in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom

  • October 10: Deadline to submit your coupons to Amazon

  • November 11: FBA inventory deadline in Europe. Make sure your products arrive before this date at Amazon warehouses!

Periods and dates to know absolutely

  • Prime Days dates: October 13th and 14th. Recently made official by Amazon.

  • The "Black Friday and Cyber Monday Week" from November 23rd to 30th. While Amazon has not yet revealed the exact dates of these record-breaking days, we know that they will apparently fall during the week of the 23rd. By inference, Black Friday should fall on November 27. In general, however, it precedes Cyber Monday (and the famous "Cyber 5") so we can quite estimate that it can also take place on November 20th.

  • Assumed dates of Black Friday: November 20/27

The checklist to boost your sales at the end of the year on Amazon

As an Amazon agency, we often see seemingly full of potential brands missing the mark at the end of the year. Are you afraid it's yours? Here's a checklist concocted by our experts so you don't miss Black Friday, Prime Days, and much better sell on Amazon!

Take it in advance

This may seem obvious, but as a specialized Amazon agency we realize that it is not for everyone. To succeed at the end of the year, it is necessary to be present on Amazon long before.

All the optimization work that you will do on your accounts beforehand will serve during those days (and well after). Your store, your content, your product sheets, your advertising campaigns… successing the Prime Days is already having done a first optimization work.

Optimize your product sheets

You would never sell a product with sloppy packaging. It's the same on Amazon. Your consumers' trust is earned by adding to your content, including your branded products. No matter how much you charge, a product that doesn't inspire confidence won't sell.

Amazon estimates that the mere presence of an A+ Page increases your conversion rate by 5.6%. Why is that? Simply because it gives you a better understanding of your range, of what you are selling. The nerve of the war is to propose an understandable product sheet, rich in visuals and information, which both conveys your brand image and informs about the quality of your products.

Set up a Brand Store that looks your brand

Few people know this, but Amazon offers brands the opportunity to create dedicated pages. Like a traditional e-commerce site, these pages present the different product lines available on Amazon. A well-presented store will allow you to gain credibility, make your offer more fluid and boost your conversion rates.

On average, 63% of product searches start on Amazon. At the time they want to buy, consumers will prefer to go there, even before consulting Google. At a time when Amazon is becoming a media of this magnitude, you can't afford not to extend your brand image there… and this is especially true during Prime Days or Black Friday, when your brands will be seen by millions of consumers.

💡 New in 2020: Brand Stores now appear directly in search results. As time goes by, content becomes central to marketplaces.

Leverage Amazon Sponsored Ads

If Amazon becomes a media, the possibilities offered by the platform in terms of paid referencing are also very powerful. Whether in normal times or on promotional days, Amazon Sponsored Ads (ASA) allows you to gain such visibility that you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

It is estimated that 69% of product searches on Amazon are based on generic keywords. Other data: ⅔ clicks are made on the first page of search results.

What this means is that by positioning yourself on keywords corresponding to your product category, you greatly increase your chances of being seen and attracting consumers to your pages. If your content is at the right level, ASA reveals its full potential, and your sales will take off.

The 3 advertising formats of Amazon Sponsored Ads

Take stock of your performance

Following Prime Days, Black Friday and their counterparts, it is important that you sit back and analyze your performance to see what worked… and what still needs to be improved. These promotional days are a real catalyst for your performance in normal times: more potential consumers, it's also a way to magnify the line of what you still have to improve.

Alexandre Darrigo

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