Is your listing up to Amazon's requirements?

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Simplify your clients' navigation by consolidating your entire catalog on one page. Encourage category transitions and enhance the shopping journey with strategically placed call-to-actions, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.

Key outcomes

Improved catalog visibility:
We have enhanced the visibility of your entire catalog, ensuring that your products reach a broader and more relevant audience.

Better customer experience:
By reducing the bounce rate and increasing the number of pages visited, we have enhanced the customer experience, leading to higher average cart values and sales.

Increased sales from the store and overall growth:
Our strategy has resulted in a notable increase in sales from your Amazon store and sustained overall growth.

Our expertise


Mastery of Amazon best practices.


Comprehensive and personalized strategic vision for your catalog.


Thoughtful structuring for better store management.


Detailed and structured reports for a comprehensive view of your account.

What does it entail?

By studying your catalog and business objectives, we design a comprehensive and dynamic store strategy for Amazon.

A well-organized and attractive store improves the customer journey and increases conversions. This involves:

  • Creating a clear and logical store structure

  • Designing attractive and informative pages for each product category

  • Implementing promotions and highlights to energize the customer journey

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of store performance

The Bizon edge

  • Relevant insights: Benefit from detailed and well-structured reports, crafted by e-commerce experts, offering a clear and in-depth view of your platform activity.

  • Informed strategic vision: Anticipate trends and identify growth opportunities through feedback and projections provided by our specialists.

  • Simplified navigation: A structured catalog to facilitate product search and purchase for customers.

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