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Assessment of your catalog

Utilize our tool file for optimal operational and strategic management of your account. Implement a variation strategy, monitor the quality of your product sheets (visuals, titles, bullet points, A+ presence, and videos), and ensure effective redirection to your store to maximize performance.

Key outcomes

Regular monitoring of product sheet quality and compliance
Continuous monitoring ensures your product sheets remain compliant and of high quality, preventing any non-compliance issues.

Implementation and monitoring of variation strategy
Effective variation strategies have been implemented to enhance the visibility and appeal of your products.

Increase in reviews and ratings through EDL monitoring
Our monitoring of the delivery experience (EDL) has led to an increase in positive reviews and ratings for your products.

Our expertise


Detailed and structured reports for a comprehensive account overview.


Methodical approach: Creation of variations and product bundles based on consumer-oriented logical reflection.


Thoughtful structuring: Strategic reorganization of your catalog for better management.


Experienced Amazon specialists.

What does it entail?

We develop a variation strategy that meets both client needs and catalog organization.

Effective variation management enhances shopping experience and stock management, involving:

  • Creating variations based on client needs and preferences.

  • Organizing products by similarities and differences.

  • Using scraping tools for regular information updates.

  • Recommending actions based on collected data to optimize sales.

The Bizon edge

  • Simplified navigation: Structured catalog for easy product search and purchase.

  • Optimized management: Facilitates daily catalog management with logical organization.

  • Analysis and monitoring: Studying past performances and future projections for rigorous progress tracking.

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