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Maximize your conversions with an optimized media strategy

The media lever is crucial in a brand development strategy, whether to defend positions or acquire new customers. It’s essential to know how to invest sustainably and reap long-term benefits.

Key outcomes

Any media agency can operate your campaigns. When it comes to retail media, it’s vital to choose an agency that understands and advises on what drives conversion.

At Bizon, we add value in both media operations and beyond because we believe it’s the only way to allocate your budgets wisely and ask the right questions to grow your metrics (sales, market share, profitability). All centered around a core value dear to us: transparency, regardless of the context.

Our expertise


Expert media and retail teams




Proprietary tech tools


Utilization of the best Ads tools in the market


Highly attractive media buying conditions


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What does it entail?

We combine our Retail Media skills with Retail Operations: many agencies make the mistake of thinking their media strategy solely through a media lens. However, if this plan doesn’t align with your retail constraints (stock, product availability, merchandising), you risk spending without achieving your goals. This requires a deep understanding of your products. That’s why we spend a lot of time on your catalog and marketing. This makes our campaigns more relevant and our findings more impactful.

BONUS: When relevant, we work with our clients to provide ad hoc studies crucial for better understanding the conversion path, justifying your upper-funnel investments (AMC, Marketing Scan, ROPO, etc., conducted in partnership with Amazon teams).

The Bizon edge

  • Expertise: Better-sized media budgets focused on performance.

  • Time-saving: Operating media can be lengthy and technical. Focus on the essential aspects of your business.

  • 360 vision: Teams constantly challenge the best ways to convert (media or non-media).

  • Daily managed campaigns: Supported by tech/AI tools to maintain the necessary edge over competitors.

  • Client first: Experts who listen, respond, and are efficient.

There is no good media strategy on marketplaces without retail operation expertise. Our clients find value in Bizon through this alliance of both.

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