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Amazon badges: Explanations and benefits

October 27, 2023

Navigating through Amazon marketplaces, you may come across some eye-catching badges: Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller, #1 New Release, Top Brand, Climate Pledge Friendly… Amazon Badges represent one way to gain a competitive edge in the vast Amazon wilderness. Appearing through any category, these labels can be your golden ticket to establishing your product’s visibility and credibility among Amazon shoppers. As you may already know, shoppers' trust is the cornerstone of success in the dynamic world of e-commerce. But what are these sought-after badges, how to get them, and what advantages do they offer? Bizon provides an insider’s map, and the strategies to earn Amazon Seller Badges!

What Are Amazon Badges?

Amazon Badges are strong visual labels that Amazon confers upon products that meet specific criteria. These encompass various indicators of a seller’s performance, such as shopper service, order fulfillment, product quality, and on-time delivery.

Sellers with these stickers often enjoy preferential treatment on Amazon marketplaces. They can get exclusive perks, such as access to Amazon’s Buy Box which can play a key role in boosting sales to stars! As a novice seller, earning Amazon Seller Badges can be a catalyst for rapid growth. And if you are an experienced Seller, Amazon Badges can be your shiny armor and prove your commitment to excellence. 

But not just sellers who benefit from these eye-catching badges. For shoppers, Amazon Badges can be like X-ray vision goggles enabling them to spot top-quality products, special prices… So they can make better-informed and value-driven purchase decisions with ease.

How to Get Amazon Badges?

Each Amazon Badge carries its own unique significance, eligibility criteria, and benefits. To get attention from shoppers and skyrocket your sales, you need to know the ins and outs of these shining visual labels. Let’s delve into the various Amazon Badges available today and how to get them!

Amazon’s Choice Badge

The Amazon’s Choice Badge is granted by Amazon’s all-knowing algorithm, based on how well your product shines under the spotlight of a particular keyword. You can spot this black badge on the search results page, next to the keyword on the product page, and even in email marketing.

How to get the Amazon’s Choice Badge? 

You can typically get this Amazon Badge by optimizing product listings: SEO, product category relevance, product details, images, video quality… SEO on Amazon involves incorporating high-volume and relevant keywords in the title, bullet points, product description, and backend search terms to increase visibility in shopper searches. You can rock this keyword-specific badge for multiple keywords at the same time.

Amazon’s Choice badge can be a game-changer. According to Profitero, it can pump up your product’s sales by an average of 25%. This Amazon Badge instills confidence in potential buyers, leading to higher visibility and conversion rates: “Amazon’s Choice considers what shoppers tell us matters most to them, including ratings, price, popularity, product availability, and fast delivery.”

Lastly, maintaining a 4-star or higher review rating, keeping products in stock, and offering Prime two-day shipping, are also crucial for your success.

Best Seller Badge

Products with the Best Seller Badge are those ranking in the top 100 best sellers in their respective categories and subcategories, according to Amazon’s extensive database. You can find this coveted orange badge in the top-left corner of your search results page and beside the category on the product detail page.

How to get the Best Seller Badge? 

You can typically conquer this Amazon Badge by improving your organic sales, reviewing your pricing strategy, and optimizing listings for SEO on Amazon. But these winning moves are something you should be doing anyway, right!

This badge is updated hourly solely based on sales data, making it a dynamic status that can change up to 24 times a day. Other than that, the Best Seller badge is different across Amazon marketplaces. So what’s a best-seller in one country might be completely different in another one! 

The Best Seller Badge can substantially drive up your product’s sales as this orange badge catches the eye of shoppers looking for popular and demanded items. In fact, this badge is important to 72% of Amazon shoppers, with 36% finding it even very important

#1 New Release Badge

The Amazon Badge with #1 New Release showcases newly released products that have quickly gained popularity. This second orange badge appears in the same place as the Best Seller Badge, which means in search results and next to the category on the product page.

How to get the #1 New Release Badge? 

How can your product become the talk of the town with this Amazon Badge? Your product listing must be available for less than 90 days (after the listing launch). And you also need to have an optimized Amazon listing, and perform exceptionally well in terms of sales and shopper engagement.

The #1 New Release Badge can drive interest in new products, boost your initial sales momentum, and increase brand awareness!

Top Brand Badge

The Top Brand Badge helps large brands, companies stand out amongst smaller competitors. You can see this gray badge below a product image on the search results page.

How to get the Top Brand Badge? 

For you to get this badge, you should have a well-known product from a trusted brand. And what else: sell in big volumes and create an optimized product listing that follows Amazon’s best practices.

The brand is not always the deciding purchasing criteria. Amazon is traditionally a platform where shoppers seek top-quality products at great prices.

By gracing the giants of commerce with the Top Brand Badge, Amazon makes the platform more enticing for your brand and enriches the shoppers’ experience.

Overall Pick Badge

The Overall Pick Badge highlights products selected from Amazon’s editorial team. Consider it a big thumbs-up from third-party content creators or influencers (just like when a movie gets rave reviews from critics). And where do you find this badge? Look no further than the top-left corner of your search results page. Click on it to read the full scoop about the featured product.

How to get the Overall Pick Badge? 

To get your hands on this Amazon Badge your product listing needs to have more than 100 reviews, maintain a 4-star or higher review rating, offer competitive pricing, and immediate shipping.

You can already sense what it means: The Overall Pick Badge boosts your product’s visibility and credibility!

Just like the Overall Pick Badge, this Amazon Badge spotlights products from popular and trusted brands. It also appears in the top-left corner of your search results page.

You can win this Amazon Badge through a mix of brand recognition and reputation, and the product itself should be rocking - highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately.

The result is clear: The Popular Brand Pick Badge enhances your product’s trustworthiness among shoppers.

Limited Time Deal Badge

The Limited Time Deal Badge highlights special offers available at discounted prices for a limited time. This red (or sometimes gray) badge shows up between the number of stars and the price on the search results page and the product listing page. 

For the third quarter of 2023, this badge was deemed important by 72% of buyers when selecting their products.

How to get the Limited Time Deal Badge? 

All you need to do is create limited-stock deals that run for typically 7 days. These time-sensitive promotions create a sense of urgency. Earning this badge can lead to higher visibility, conversion rates, and increased sales.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge 

The Climate Pledge Friendly Badge not only helps shoppers distinguish more sustainable products but also aligns with Amazon’s Climate Pledge Initiative, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. You can spot this green badge with wings near the number of stars and the price on both the search results and product pages.

However, this badge will not have the same influence on buyers. While approximately 50% of consumers with high incomes consider this badge to be highly important, the significance decreases to only 23% among those earning less than $50K per year.

How to get the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge? 

Your product listing needs to be certified by one or more of Amazon’s sustainability certification partners. Amazon lists a wide range of external certifications including governmental agencies, non-profits, and independent laboratories. These products must meet sustainable and eco-friendly standards, including reduced carbon footprint and eco-friendly materials.

And here is the cherry on top of the eco-cake: Highlighting this certification in your bullet points or product description reinforces your commitment to sustainability and fosters a sense of community and social responsibility, potentially sealing the deal with environmentally conscious consumers.

The Climate Pledge Friendly Badge can be a compelling advantage when shoppers try to distinguish two or more similarly priced products. 

Prime Badge

The Prime Badge serves as a clear statement of a seller's commitment to providing fast and reliable shipping to Amazon Prime members. In the United States, industry sources estimated a Prime subscriber count of 167 million in 2023. And nearly 43% of consumers place a high value on the Prime badge when making purchases. 

How to get the Prime Badge? 

To win this Amazon Badge you need to have a product fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), ensure swift, reliable delivery, and maintain high customer satisfaction and seller performance.

When your product listing qualifies for the shiny blue badge, it means your product qualifies for Prime two-day shipping, a feature highly valued by shoppers. 

Prime products enjoy higher rankings in search results compared to non-Prime ones. This Amazon Badge ensures that your product passes through the filter and gains the visibility it deserves! 

So here is the deal: Prime eligibility can boost your products’ listing visibility, increase the likelihood of scoring the Buy Box, accelerate sales, and foster trust among shoppers who value fast shipping.


Amazon’s commitment to shopper satisfaction and trust has continuously refined the indicators for earning Amazon Seller Badges. But the message is clear: Amazon Badges are not just fancy labels. These visual labels are trusty sidekicks to enhance visibility and credibility and unlock the doors to success on Amazon marketplaces.

All in all, the realm of Amazon Badges is far from static. Staying attuned to the evolving landscape of Amazon Seller Badges and comprehending their pivotal role within the broader Amazon ecosystem is essential. Ready to drive up your sales? Whether you are an Amazon pro or just getting started, Bizon can provide you with strategies to excel on Amazon marketplaces. Reach out now; your success awaits!

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