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Amazon Brand Store: Ready for Black Friday?

October 12, 2023

Black Friday, the time of year so eagerly awaited by bargain hunters, is fast approaching. For brands present on Amazon, it's essential to prepare for this major promotional event. One of the most powerful assets you have to maximize your sales during Black Friday is your Amazon Store. But it still needs to be ready to welcome customers and guide them efficiently through your universe... In this article, find out how to optimize your Amazon Store to maximize your sales during Black Friday.

How can I get my Amazon store ready for Black Friday?

Creating an immersive experience 

When customers visit your Amazon store, they're not just looking to buy a product, but to engage in an experience that reflects the essence of your brand. Creating an immersive experience therefore goes far beyond simply presenting products. It's about building a captivating universe that attracts, informs and holds customers' attention. So take the time to think carefully about the design of your store!

Make sure your Amazon Brand Store instantly evokes brand recognition. Consistent design creates a visual experience that builds customer confidence. Use your store space to showcase your identity through a distinctive art direction, showcase your key products and demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition. Now's the time to let your imagination run wild! Design eye-catching banners and visuals, as well as powerful videos to make a lasting impression.


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Avoid Amazon's standard templates, preferring professional design software instead. This approach will enable you to create a tailor-made store, but above all to make it even more unique!

A strategic tree structure

However, immersion must not compromise navigation. The tree structure of your Amazon store is one of the pillars of the customer experience. It must be logical and easy to navigate, and users must be able to easily find the products they're looking for, or if they're in the discovery phase, understand what need your ranges meet. Organize your products into relevant categories, use sub-categories if necessary, and make sure each one is relevant.

A well thought-out tree structure makes it easier for customers to find products, which is essential during Black Friday when time is short and purchases are impulsive! A clear, relevant structure ensures that customers don't get lost along the way, and quickly find what they're looking for. Because you're meeting their needs!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about your Amazon Brand Store strategy:

  • What are my ranges on Amazon?

  • What are Amazon's user needs?

  • Who are my products designed for?

  • How do I promote my Amazon bestsellers? My Amazon promotions? My new products?

  • How can I promote my brand on Amazon?

  • How many clicks does it take to get to an xyz page?

Furthermore, an effective tree structure encourages cross-selling. By strategically grouping related products together, you encourage customers to explore your range further and add more items to their basket. The more time customers spend exploring your store, the more likely they are to find products that interest them!

Eventualize your Amazon Brand Store

Your Amazon Brand Store needs to be in tune with the highlights of the year! Each event, whether Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween or Christmas, has a specific atmosphere associated with it. Adapt your store design, images and content to reflect the spirit of the current event, just as department stores would do with their window displays!

For example, for Christmas, add a touch of magic and festivity to your store, showcasing gift ideas and seasonal products. During Black Friday, customers are actively looking for the best deals, so make sure that users' eyes are immediately drawn to your promotions and new products, as soon as they enter your store.

The example of Lego is highly relevant. By featuring a visual of gift ideas and an "advent calendar" banner, the brand capitalizes on the tradition of Christmas while encouraging customers to discover its products in a playful way.

Evaluate your performance

After each highlight, it's vital to analyze your Brand Store's Amazon performance. Examine the various data collected to understand how these highlights impacted your sales. Which products performed best? Which promotions were most effective? How much traffic did my Amazon Store receive? This analysis will provide you with valuable information for understanding what worked and what can be improved.

It will be interesting here to look for trends or recurring patterns. You may find that some of your products are more popular at certain times of the year, or that certain promotions have a greater impact than others.

This understanding of trends will enable you to adjust your assortment of featured products, your promotions, or even your tree structure according to the lessons learned from past events, to be all the more effective on the next one!


Black Friday is an exceptional opportunity to maximize your brand's visibility and increase your sales on Amazon thanks to your Brand Store, which is nothing more than a mini site all your own on the marketplace. Investing time and resources in creating an immersive and memorable experience can pay off in the long term for your brand on Amazon.

If, despite these tips, you don't know how to go about it, keep in mind that our teams are here to support you in the conceptualization and creation of your Amazon Store, or in bringing it to life with the rhythm of upcoming highlights. Ready to shine?

Charlotte Uttscheid

Brand Manager Assistant

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