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Black Friday, Prime Day on Amazon, Christmas… The highlights belong to those who prepare early!

June 12, 2023

Back-to-school, Halloween, Black Friday, the holiday season... Does this seem a long way off?

Well, the preparation of Amazon highlights is like the future: it belongs to those who get up early!

At Bizon, we have an entire team of Amazon experts dedicated to your account strategy. Whether you want to conquer a new market, become #1 in sales in your category or understand the state of your account's health, our tribe of Amazon consultants is here to support you.

Why analyze my Amazon account?

No matter where you stand in terms of controlling your account, thinking about your Amazon strategy is the key to reaching your next level of growth.

From understanding your competitive landscape, to identifying opportunities, to helping you make strategic decisions, we'll take you through all the crucial stages of your strategy on the world's #1 e-commerce platform!

Avoid errors and prioritize the resources to be allocated

It's good to have clear Amazon objectives, but it's even better to define an optimal action plan!

Establishing an initial assessment of your Amazon catalog will not only enable you to prioritize optimization projects, but also to identify the growth levers you need to exploit its full potential.

Organizing your strategy will make it easier for you to monitor the actions to be taken on the marketplace, their implementation and the results observed.

Would you like to have both a macro and a micro vision for monitoring at different levels? That's possible too!

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an E-Commerce manager, we have tailor-made solutions to give you the clearest possible understanding of your needs.

Solinest: How to push back the limits of growth?

Distributor of the Chupa Chups, Mentos, Ricola, Pez etc. brands, Solinest, with its own brand Nature Addicts, wanted to take its growth on Amazon even further.

Consequently, after 2 years of account management, Bizon carried out an audit to analyze all growth levers, and defined an action plan to boost its growth and presence on Amazon.

Following this strategic reflection phase, we were able to :

  • Rebalance the mid-catalog to reduce dependence on top references.

  • Put the user experience back at the heart of content by optimizing product sheets, A+ content and the store, as well as changing visuals to improve conversion.

  • Challenge catalog structuring to maximize traffic on product pages, and sometimes reduce the allocated media budget.

  • Redesign the store for a better customer experience.

  • Establish a new media strategy and increase the budget allocated to campaigns to increase visibility and therefore sales.

The results?

Thanks to these actions, Solinest was able to increase its conversion rate from 50% to 62% in one year, as well as double its average media sales, all for an overall account growth of 42%!

So why not follow in the footsteps of Bizon's 20 top-performing accounts, and get on board the train of successful reflection!

Léa Melendugno

Customer Success Manager

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