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Find the best strategy for your brands on Amazon

Whatever your level of development on the Marketplace is, Bizon Consulting helps you build a sustainable and profitable strategy. Access the optimal.

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Relevant at any degree of maturity on Amazon

Whether you are launching your brand or want to increase your sales, our experts will determine the best strategy for you.

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Get feedback and analysis from a team of experts

Benefit from comprehensive feedback from our e-commerce experts and the accumulated experience of hundreds of followed accounts.

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A unique audit offer on the market

We offer you an in-depth analysis of your performance and directly applicable recommendations, whether it is a basic audit or a la carte.

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Audit and maximize the performance of your products

We break down and analyze your catalog to determine what are your performance factors and how to optimize them. The focus is on your operational performance through a full audit.

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Analyze your visibility on Marketplaces

There are many visibility levers to implement on Amazon. A + Pages, Brand Stores, advertising campaigns, seasonal promotions…. Let's look of what has been put in place and what remains to be done on your products.

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Understand your market to conquer it

Observe the best in your industry, integrate their best practices and exceed them. We offer you the analysis of your competitors and third party resellers.

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Access the most optimal and operational strategy

Based on your presence and your projects on Amazon, Bizon determines the strategy best suited to your accounts, step by step, and gives you an optimal action plan.

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100% Pure New Zealand Honey

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

We had a poorly performing Amazon account, which Bizon helped improve through their advertising expertise. They are now assisting us with launching in another market and optimising our listings. . Bizon's expertise has meant we saved time and money by being more efficient in the work we do on Amazon. They have shown what results can be achieved and that is allowing us to make plans for future growth.

Sean Goodwin

Sean Goodwin

Chief Executive



We worked with Bizon on a development project on I called on the various services of the Bizon agency in particular the Consulting division to work on the Advertising part. Conclusion: A comprehensive audit was provided to us, effectively targeting priority areas for improvement to be implemented to achieve our objectives. I appreciated the know-how and know-how of the Consulting team. Special note on the personalized support I was able to benefit from.

Rachel Miloudi

Rachel Miloudi

Marketplaces Animation Manager

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Let's find the best strategy on Amazon

Let us audit your presence on Amazon and take off your brands!

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