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2023 e-commerce calendar: Don't miss a single key date in the second half of the year!

June 20, 2023

Dive into a whirlwind of opportunities for the second half of 2023! In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, promotional events can represent real growth opportunities. And for you, Amazon sellers, knowing the dates of these occasions is essential for preparing effective promotional campaigns and maximizing your return on investment. From Prime Day in July to the end-of-year shopping frenzy, this calendar is packed with must-see events to boost your online business.

By keeping abreast of the major events coming up, you'll be able to develop powerful Amazon marketing strategies, create irresistible offers and capitalize on these highlights to boost your sales. Whether you're new to the world of e-commerce or a seasoned marketplaces veteran, this article will give you valuable pointers on how to make the most of the opportunities offered by upcoming promotional events.

Why is it important to prepare your promotions properly? 

Preparing promotions is crucial. It's a golden opportunity to stand out from the competition with attractive offers.

Well-planned promotions also help to retain existing customers. By offering exclusive discounts to your loyal customers, you reinforce their commitment to your brand. It also shows your appreciation for their support and creates a sense of community.

An effective promotional strategy isn't just about offering discounts. It's also about showing your commitment to your customers by offering excellent service, clear communication and responding to their needs. By anticipating your customers' expectations and providing them with personalized offers, you can reinforce their trust in your brand and build long-term loyalty.

By carefully preparing your promotions, you maximize your chances of success and position yourself advantageously in the market. It's an opportunity to showcase your creativity and brand universe, your commitment to customer satisfaction and to build a solid relationship with your audience. So take the time to plan your promotional campaigns and create offers that generate enthusiasm and commitment among your customers.

Calendar of major promotional events for the second half of the year

The year 2023 offers a multitude of opportunities for online retailers to boost sales and build customer loyalty through key promotional events. Here are some of the highlights not to be missed from June onwards:

Summer sales: From June 28 to July 25, the summer sales attract large numbers of bargain-seeking consumers. It's the perfect opportunity for retailers to offer attractive discounts on a wide range of products. Summer sales are a great time to clear stock, attract new customers and generate peak business.

Amazon Prime Day: In July 2023, Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive event reserved for Amazon Prime members. This day of special promotions offers sellers increased visibility and a unique opportunity to reach a large audience of online shoppers. Participating in this event can significantly increase sales and leverage Amazon's reputation.

Back to School: "Back to School" is a key period for online retailers, who can offer special deals tailored to this period. Discounts on stationery, school clothes or technological gadgets can attract the attention of parents and students.

Black Friday: Black Friday, traditionally held on the last Friday in November, is a major event in the world of e-commerce. However, more and more brands are extending their promotions over a longer period. It's the perfect time to offer massive discounts, exclusive offers and giveaways to capture consumers' attention and generate peak sales.

How can you make a success of your promotions and convert as many people as possible?

Prepare your strategy in advance: To maximize the impact of your promotions, it's essential to plan your strategy in advance. Define your objectives, identify your target audience and choose the most appropriate promotional offers. Draw up a clear media plan and determine which Amazon Ads formats to use to promote your promotions. By preparing your strategy in advance, you'll be better organized and be able to implement coherent actions to attract your audience's attention.

Manage your inventory: Nothing is more frustrating for customers than discovering that the product you're promoting is out of stock. Make sure you have accurate inventory management so you can meet the demand generated by your promotions. Anticipate needs and restock accordingly to avoid disappointment and maximize your chances of conversion. Transparency about product availability and clear communication about limited quantities can also create a sense of urgency among customers, prompting them to act quickly.

Personalize your offers: To stand out from the competition, it's important to propose personalized and attractive offers. Analyze your customers' preferences and buying behaviors to offer them targeted, relevant promotions. Use data such as purchase histories, product preferences and browsing behavior to create special offers tailored to each segment of your audience. Personalizing offers increases relevance and the likelihood of conversion.


By taking advantage of the key promotional events in the 2023 e-commerce calendar, you can seize unique opportunities to increase sales, build customer loyalty and stand out from the competition.

By carefully preparing your promotions, adapting your strategy to each event, thinking in 3 stages (before, during, after) and offering attractive, personalized offers, you can maximize your return on investment and create an exceptional customer experience.

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