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Boost the visibility of your products on Amazon with videos!

April 17, 2023

Amazon launched the ability to put videos on product listings in the U.S. in 2017, before expanding it to Europe the following year. Since then, videos have become a staple of online sales on the platform. Brands have quickly understood the importance of this feature to present their products in a more dynamic and effective way.

Indeed, videos allow to show in detail the features of a product, to explain its use, or to give a realistic view of its appearance and dimensions. This is a real asset to capture consumers' attention and increase online sales.

Why is it important to have a video?

The numbers speak for themselves: more than 72% of users systematically search for videos before buying online. In addition, pages with videos convert on average 57% more than those without.

Consumers also find videos helpful in making a purchase decision at 96%, while 79% of online shoppers would rather watch a video than read text to learn about a product.

If these numbers haven't convinced you yet, allow us to detail the different types of videos as well as the benefits that come with them!

The different types of videos

Video is an integral part of your brand content, and is essential for increasing your sales on Amazon. That's why we've developed a new video offering to help our customers stand out on the number one online sales platform.

  • The Unboxing video: It shows the product as it is, without staging or artifice, where you see the product being unpacked. It decreases the risk of getting bad comments, because it shows the product as it really is, under normal lighting and without retouching.

  • The How-To video: It highlights the main benefits of the product and answers the most common questions of customers: "Why buy this product?", "How does it work?".

It will reassure the customer on the quality of the product and the reliability of the seller. Videos, in general, are a reassurance factor.

Weleda entrusted us with the production of its Sponsored Brands video

Still not convinced? Here is an example of a video made by Jade, graphic designer at Bizon.

Our client Weleda wanted to highlight, via Sponsored Brands campaigns, several of their flagship products. The objective? Animate the products and highlight their benefits, all within a universe reminiscent of nature, specific to their brand.

Video Weleda

If you also want videos that convert to present your products, call our team studio !

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