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Amazon Marketing Consultant: Drastically Increase Your Amazon ROI

June 27, 2019

Whether you are already a seller on Amazon or want to become a seller in the coming months, you will be wondering about the added value of an Amazon marketing consultant.

Indeed, this e-commerce platform has the distinction of being very dense and very complex. We often talk about "Amazon jungle".

Also, if you want to be quickly effective in terms of results, you will need to master the many Amazon marketing tools, which takes considerable time.

At Bizon, seasoned Amazon marketing consultant and agency 100% dedicated to performance on Amazon, we offer you a profitable solution to create a virtuous sales circle so that you develop your turnover quickly and sustainably under optimal conditions.

1 - Understand how your customers navigate and interact on Amazon

Like most e-commerce platforms, Amazon works in a particular way: customer satisfaction must be placed at the heart of the reflection. From the start, we will have to adopt a centralized strategy on this and adopt the right reflexes. To fully exploit the potential of your brand, you will need to choose the sales program that best matches your products and the buying habits of Amazon consumers. There are different sales programs which are: Amazon Pantry, Amazon Family, Amazon Launchpad and Amazon Business. The first step will be to target the most relevant programs for your products, which is not easy when you do not fully understand all the Amazon codes.

Our advantage at Bizon is based on complementary expert profiles from Amazon. Our team is made up of former Amazon employees, creators of successful Amazon stores, Amazon marketing and SEO experts who are able to send you the Amazon codes necessary to build a strategy for your brand.

That's not all, Amazon today allows you to shine in a European market. Also, this requires in-depth knowledge of the markets of each country and mastery of customs issues, taxation according to each state, translation of announcements in the language concerned… Few companies have all these skills in-house!

Choosing the support of an Amazon Marketing Consultant like Bizon is the assurance of succeeding in being quickly efficient on the platform, knowing that no detail will be left to chance.

2 - What types of content in your product pages are conversion engines for your potential customers

To sell on Amazon, you will have to take into account the many conditions of sale imposed by the platform. (Number of characters of the advertisements, sizes and typologies of the visuals, elaboration of the price…)

These rules may need to be changed, which is why you have to be very regularly informed about Amazon news. It's easier to hire an Amazon Marketing Consultant to handle these types of issues. At Bizon, our team lives Amazon, eats Amazon, sleeps Amazon! Needless to say, we are in perfect control of every modification linked to the platform and that we have privileged relationships with Amazon which allow us to obtain information before anyone else.

Then you will need to know how to optimize your content which are truly the keys to being a good Amazon seller. The writing of product sheets, product descriptions and titles of your ads is essential to stand out in the midst of your competitors. We should also not neglect the ranking and sub-ranking of your products in terms of customer research, moderation of user reviews and the choice of relevant and attractive visuals.

Again, going through an Amazon Marketing Consultant can be a way to make yourself effective in a very short time. At Bizon, not only will we put in place a tailor-made strategy to maximize your turnover, but we will play on total transparency and we will inform you of each step carried out in a clear and educational manner. You will be able to be trained at Amazon, little by little, to gain autonomy.

Many Amazon tools can optimize SEO, price, inventory management, moderation of customer reviews but they are very complex. As an agency, we can equip you with the tools best suited to your business and your needs so that you quickly become efficient.

3 - Optimize this content so that your potential customers can find exactly what they are looking for in a minimum of time

As we saw earlier, consumer habits are at the heart of an effective Amazon sales strategy. This is why you have to know them perfectly to succeed in gaining visibility.

To master this type of point, it is important to spend an enormous amount of time scrutinizing the platform and analyzing the advertisements of your competitors, their customer reviews, etc.

It is complicated internally to have specialized resources on Amazon… It is a full-time job and it is not necessarily financially interesting to recruit for it. If you want to control your budget and sell effectively from day one with an effective strategy, choose an Amazon Marketing Consultant like Bizon.

We will offer you a clear vision of the costs that you will incur for a sustainable installation on Amazon and you will have no unpleasant surprises. By entrusting us with the mission of selling your products on Amazon, you can stay focused on tasks with higher added value for your business.

Selling on Amazon when you know nothing about it, it is possible provided you go through a high-performance Amazon Marketing Consultant. Our agency, 100% dedicated to performance on Amazon, has everything you need to get the best ROI Amazon according to your sector.

Our expert Amazon team can assist you in sales strategy, content creation, inventory management and various tax issues. With our turnkey service, you will only have to watch your turnover increase!

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