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Bizon GPT : A human revolution

Well, we have to admit something to you... Bizon GPT is not this pretty little beast...

... it's this proud team of Bizons!

More than 70 e-commerce, retail media, marketing, tech and Amazon experts

Of course, we lied to you a little bit, there is no question (yet) of artificial intelligence. But don't be disappointed, because regarding the tools and functionalities, everything was true!

To better understand what we are talking about, here is a small overview of the tools that our experts use on a daily basis, some of which are even accessible to everyone.

  • The product scoring tool to evaluate the quality of your Amazon content

  • The rate simulator to budget your brand content optimizations

  • Keyword analysis to better understand a brand's share of voice on Amazon

  • Automatic generation of Vendor and Seller reports


This tool is simply amazing. In fact, it allows you to analyze the quality of your product listings on Amazon in a few seconds. Take a look at what it can do with the Amazon content analysis of a grocery player.

So don't wait any longer to find out if your product page is up to par in terms of brand content on Amazon, and identify its strengths and especially those to be improved. Just copy and paste the url of the product page you want to analyze.


With our price simulator (in french), you can easily budget the creation or optimization of your Amazon brand content according to the range of your product catalog. What do we mean by brand content? This includes content creation such as writing your marketing pitches for your product sheets, SEO optimization of them, optimized visuals, A+ pages and more.

Let's move on to two tools we use internally, developed by our valuable Tech team. These tools allow us to quickly identify the performance levers to activate and give us more informed strategic reading keys.


The Amazon-specific keyword analysis tool allows us to analyze how a brand is positioned on a given keyword, both organically (SEO) and in terms of paid search (Amazon Ads) on the marketplace, compared to the competition.

It can be considered as a mini market research generator that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a brand on a specific Amazon keyword.


Our report generator is a tool that, in addition to saving a considerable amount of time in collecting and processing data, allows you to visualize them in a readable way so that you can see the changes from one period to another in the blink of an eye and make informed strategic decisions.

Vendor or Seller report, it doesn't matter, the tool does both! Each Amazon report includes a summary of sales and their evolution, notes on the performance of products thanks to the product sheet analysis tool mentioned above, as well as an analysis on the distribution of stocks. In short, key reading elements to adjust its operational roadmap and boost its ecommerce presence.

Everything is segmented by marketplace (FR, IT, DE...), in order to have an overview for each country.

In fact, that's not all

Now you know more about Bizon's proprietary tech! But of course, we have even more resources in-house to boost your brand on Amazon. For instance, our distribution offer provide you with instant declaration of your VAT on 2 continents.

Don't hesitate to test the first two tools available to you, to get a first overview. But for more advanced and data-rich analysis, contact Bizon GPT. 😉

Charlotte Uttscheid

Brand Manager Assistant

Apr 1, 2023

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